You wouldn't think that bacon would be this sweet, but Personal Chef Jon Soileau has created a treat for us that has a salty sweetness that is surprisingly good.

We started with Southern Comfort Candied Bacon and then built sundaes that feature the bacon, along with Buttered Popcorn Ice Cream, Homemade Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce and Salty Stout Caramel.  The flavors together create something that is much better than what you will find in a drive thru this summer.

When we chatted with Jon Soileau on the Afternoon Drive Home, he talked about the right way to get the bacon to be sweet and yet crispy.  He said,

"If you don't get a good sugar shell on the outside of the bacon, it'll start to get soggy.  So the sugar shell on the outside of the bacon really kinda saves it and preserves that crunchiness, so you get that textural feeling when you get a bite."

Check out the entire food experience with Chef Soileau by listening to the whole interview below:

Jon has graciously provided the recipe for the Southern Comfort Candied Bacon, which can be found below:
1 lb Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon
2 cups Sugar
2 cups Southern Comfort

Slice the cold applewood smoked bacon into 1/2 inch pieces and place into a saute pan; saute at medium heat, stirring often to ensure all slices aren't sticking together during the cooking process.

In a small sauce pot, place the sugar and Southern Comfort; place on medium heat and allow to reduce down till all liquid is reduced, and your left with a syrup consistency. (If using a gas stove, be very careful when cooking down the sugar and Southern Comfort as Liquor is highly flammable and will ignite if allowed too close to the flame; if the liquor does ignite, you can allow it to burn off or choose to carefully place a lid on top to extinguish the flame.)

Allow the bacon to cook till all pieces are very crunchy, then using a slotted spoon carefully remove the cooked bacon pieces and place onto a paper towel to absorb any fat. Dab top of bacon with paper towel as well to absorb fat.

Once the Southern Comfort and Sugar has reduced down to a syrup consistency, keep a close eye on it, but allow to continue to cook till the mixture becomes one shade darker then the color of the Southern Comfort. At this point, carefully place the bacon pieces into the pot and mix to coat each piece of bacon completely. With your slotted spoon, VERY CAREFULLY remove the bacon pieces onto a baking pan; spreading bacon pieces into on layer trying not to allow them to stick together.

Place into a 350 degree oven for 5 minutes, then remove and allow to cool completely.