Chad Leger is leveraging his years as police chief for the city of Scott in his quest to convince voters to elect him the next sheriff of Lafayette Parish.

Leger has been the Scott police chief for 13 years, but before that he served 14 years for the sheriff's office. Like the other two candidates, Leger mentioned his passion for law enforcement and for the community, and he believes he has the right "package that we can service the people of all of Lafayette Parish and help more people, like we helped the people of Scott."

Leger said he already has the necessary relationships with the various government agencies in Lafayette Parish, and he said the parish has a unique opportunity to unify the various police departments.

"We all started in law enforcement together," Leger said about the different heads of those departments. "We were all friends and colleagues before we became...whatever titles we carry now."

"Wherever it is in Lafayette Parish, we're calling a friend," Leger added. "We have that relationship already established."

As far as combating an upward tick in crime in the unincorporated areas of the parish, Leger said "we know what we've done in the city of Scott." Citing information from the Uniform Crime Report, Leger said Scott was the second-safest city in Louisiana. "We're doing something right."

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