When Americans collectively experience a tragedy or crisis like we are right now, we have a unique way of dealing with it. We look for the helpers and heroes who are working to make things better. Scenes from the days and weeks after 9/11 featured regular people going out of their way to thank first responders at ground zero. The good news is that we are seeing it again. Several cities have come together to cheer in support of healthcare workers. Last night outside a New York hospital, people lined a sidewalk used by workers going into work. They made signs and cheered and it brought tears to my eyes.

Do you want to join a 'thank you movement? We're doing it right here in Acadiana. "Share a Light for Healthcare Workers" is an event by KPEL News to show our gratitude and shine a light on the work being done in our community. Be a part of this movement and share the love.


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