Standard & Poor's has awarded the City of Broussard an 'A' long-term rating and stable outlook. According to Standard & Poor's Broussard's per capita income levels and retail sales were factors that led to the rating. Broussard's per capita income is 117% of the national average and retail sales are 216% of the national per capita average.

Stine's, Home Depot, Albertson's, Walmart Supercenter and the Department of Public Safety were the top five leading sales tax contributors in Broussard.

Broussard Mayor Charles Langlinais said,

The City of Broussard is proud of our long history of financial health and we look forward to many more years of the same. Even in the current economic climate, our planning is helping weather this downturn for our entire region and prepare for the future when the oil and gas industry returns to more solid footing.