This may sound wild, but it's worth considering.

New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell has recommended that there be no mass gatherings in the city for the year 2020.

By that, she is saying that the city should not host concerts, conventions, and even sporting events in an effort to protect people from COVID-19.

Many are asking if this will really happen and I think its too early to tell, but we should be prepared for the city to be more cautious once the state "re-opens." All of this would be done in an effort to suppress the spreading of the coronavirus.

So, what would happen to the 2020 Saints home games? Would they be played in the Superdome without any fans in attendance or would the home games be re-located to other venues like after Hurricane Katrina?

I don't have the answer to that, but if New Orleans does indeed impose a no mass gathering ruling for the rest of the year, I would recommend moving the home games to other stadiums within the state.

After Hurricane Katrina, I watched two Saints games in LSU's Tiger Stadium and it was "Weird." But it at least gave fans a chance to be part of the action on game day.

So, with all of that said, how would you feel if the Saints elected to move their "home games" to Tiger Stadium and Cajun Field? Sure, it's a wild thought, but it is possible. I remind you, the Saints held their "Black and Gold Scrimmage" at Cajun Filed in 2003.

After looking at the Saints home schedule for 2020, there are some marquee match-ups on the schedule.

Imagine watching Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs play the Saints at Cajun Filed or Aaron Rogers and the Packers coming to Lafayette. It's a long shot, but this could be an option if the Saints are not allowed to have fans in the dome for the 2020 season.

I ask, would you attend a Saints game at Cajun Field? Remember, the beer and food at Cajun Field is a lot cheaper than it is in the dome.