Certainly, you know about and probably have taken a tour of the USS KIDD in Baton Rouge. But, did you know you can spend the night in it?

The U S Navy Kidd Class Guided Missile Destroyer USS Chandler (Ddg 996 Crui
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History Of The USS KIDD

The USS KIDD, located along the Baton Rouge Riverfront Plaza, is one of the only "surviving US destroyers still in WWII configuration" according to onlyinyourstate.com.

Countless Louisianians and tourists from all over the world have toured the awe-inspiring 43,560 ft ship.

Launched on February 28, 1946, the USS KIDD played an important role in WW II escorting aircraft carriers from Pearl Harbor to Wake Island under heavy air attacks.

The ship was named after Admiral Kidd who was "the first US flag officer to die during World War II and the first American admiral ever to be killed in action" according to Wikipedia.

The USS KIDD also sailed in the Battle of Okinawa, the Korean War, and was even at the ready patrolling the West Pacific during the Cold War.

Louisiana congressman William Henson Moore chose the USS Kidd to serve as a memorial for Louisiana World War II veterans, and on 23 May 1982, the ship arrived in Baton Rouge after being towed from Philadelphia.

Wikipedia states the USS KIDD "was never modernized and is the only Fletcher-class museum ship to retain its World War II appearance."


USS KIDD Insignia
Public Domain Via Naval History and Heritage Command

Overnight Camping At The USS KIDD

Did you know you can spend the night aboard the USS KIDD?

Talk about a one-of-kind experience you'll never forget, even if you don't see any ghosts!

From usskidd.com -

"Admission for the Overnight Camping program is $30.00 per person (adults & children). There is a minimum of 20 people required to make a reservation and all participants must be at least six (6) years of age or older. The USS KIDD requires a minimum ratio of one (1) adult per every eight (8) children. There may be other groups aboard the ship with you on the night of your stay."

YouTube Via KATC
YouTube Via KATC

You can even rent the entire ship if you have a crew of 100 people. The price is still $30 per person but your group will have the USS KIDD to itself.

To book your overnight stay and learn more about what to pack, the food policy, and more, head over to usskidd.com.

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