I asked my Facebook friends to solve a disagreement between a friend and I and here's what they said.

A friend and I were talking about traffic in Lafayette and had a disagreement about Camellia Boulevard. He said he thinks that the speed limit on Camellia Boulevard should be raised to 45 because people are going faster now that the speed cameras are gone. I agreed that people are going faster without the cameras, but I don't think the speed limit should be changed. If people are going around ten MPH or faster than 35 now, how fast would they go if it's 45? He disagreed and said he'd bet $50 that more people would agree with him than me. I called his bluff and said I'd ask my Facebook friends what they think. Here's the post:

Most people agreed with my friend very passionately:

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Wise man that he is, Louis Trahan agreed with me:

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Still, most people agreed with my friend, and Barbara Beard made an excellent point about the speed limit of Maurice!

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Looks like I'm out of $60, since I was so sure I was right that I said we should add $10! Click the link to the original post to let me know what you think.