Are we alone?

Reports of Unidentified Flying Objects have been around for years, but it appears that, recently, reports are coming more frequently.

Strange lights in the sky.

Strange shapes in the sky.

Strange patterns being flown by objects in the sky.

The reports vary slightly, but they have enough in common to make most people, at the least, scratch their collective heads and wonder: "Are we alone?"

NBC via Twitter

NBC's Today show recently reported on the increased number of sightings as of late, but these reports are not coming from the stereotypical country bumpkin-type witnesses - these reports are coming from highly accomplished pilots.

Several commercial pilots are coming forward, many with video evidence, of the different Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (that's what they are calling UFOs these days) they are seeing in the skies.

In one part of the video, you can hear the interaction between a pilot and an air traffic controller as they try to figure out what the pilot is seeing.

One pilot, in particular, who has flown for years, from fixed-wing aircraft to rotary-wing aircraft and fighter jets, says that he has no logical explanation for what he is seeing.

NBC Via Twitter

Could it be secret military aircraft? It could be, but they would most likely have to be unmanned due to the obvious g-forces being placed on the aircraft (spacecraft?) due to the extreme maneuvers the pilots are witnessing.

The former fighter pilot, Mark, told the reporter something that made the hair on my neck stand on end. He said that, while he was watching a group of unexplained lights circle in the direction of the Big Dipper, he saw what he thought was a shooting star headed toward the group of lights. Just when he thought the shooting star should have burned out, it actually joined the other lights and began to move in a pattern with them.

How creepy is that?

Whether you believe or not, what those pilots have captured on video has yet to be explained, unless it's something that is classified.

NBC via Twitter

Yes, there is a chance that the lights could be something of which our military and/or government is fully aware but can't talk about. It could be a top-secret experiment. It could be a new weapon being tested. IT COULD BE GEORGE JETSON!

Okay, sorry - I got carried away (as soon as I typed "GEORGE JETSON", the sound of his little spacecraft car thingy entered my brain, and now it won't leave).

If you don't believe that there could be beings visiting us from other planets or, at the very least, unmanned spacecraft visiting us from other planets, please explain what we are seeing in this video.


I find the idea of having visitors from other planets or galaxies fascinating. I mean, it would be sort of conceited to think that we may be the only beings that exist, no?

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