City-Parish President Joey Durel made his weekly appearance on "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" today to talk about today's meeting to finalize the yearly budget, the importance of supporting non-government organizations, and developing Lafayette's Downtown area for this week's edition of Lafayette Live.

Mr. Durel was in full spirit today as he looked forward to tonight's city council meeting that will finalize Lafayette Parish's yearly budget. The City-Parish President explained that final requests for additional funds will be made tonight from all government departments.

We've had a process where the various departments have come in, made their case for their part of the budget, begged for more than maybe what we the administration have given them, and then we vote.

Durel also discussed the importance of supporting non-government organizations.

I have always felt that things like Festival International, where we give them $72,000, but the taxes we get back directly as a local government are about $400,000. The economic impact and the return on investment is so obvious.

Durel explained how some NGOs improve Lafayette's quality of life and attract business.

We have competetion, and in Acadiana, while we don't have a port, we have a Cajun Dome, and while we don't have a water way capable of getting ships to the ocean, we have a Heymann Center and an Acadiana Center for the Arts. It all works together to create the whole package that makes Lafayette attractive.

Durel also discussed how citizens still have a chance to give input for their visions for the future of Downtown Lafayette.

People don't realize how important Downtown is to the development of the whole area. The nightlife has played a huge roll in reinvigorating Downtown, the issue for the future will be balance.

To listen to the full interview, click the media player below.