With the opening of Baz Luhrmann's "Elvis" nationwide this Friday, the King of Rock 'n' Roll is back in the building. Elvis mania is everywhere, even in the examining rooms of a prominent Lafayette plastic surgeon. But not because of the movie and even though he likes Elvis's music, that's not the reason either.

Dr. Bradley Chastant, MD, FACS, board-certified facial plastic surgeon and native of Lafayette, has deep roots in the Acadiana medical profession. His father was Dr. Harold Chastant, his mother was a nurse, sons Bradley Chastant, II and Ryan Chastant are both doctors and his daughter Danielle is an RN who teaches at UL. In 1988, Dr. Chastant founded Acadian Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery Center located in the Oil Center area of Lafayette. He also teaches at LSU.

Dr. Bradley Chastant continues to be motivated by the spirit of his patients. Helping people is in his DNA. Making his patients feel good about the way they look is important for their inner confidence.

If you are a patient of Dr. Chastant's, in his examining rooms, you may have noticed magazines about skin care, wrinkle removal, creams, instruments that a doctor would use to examine a patient and something one would not ordinarily see in a doctor's examining room...a picture of Elvis Presley. Not on the wall, but in a plastic sleeve on the counter near the sink.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Elvis has the perfect example of lips for my female patients who are looking for lip injections. His lips in this picture show my patients where the lip should be plump and where it should not be plump. If I put filler in the wrong places, it would cause a fish-hook unnatural look. Elvis had a nice jawline, a great nose and even though I show his lips to female patients, his lips weren't feminine. Elvis' lips help me to illustrate where the lip should be thicker and where the natural curve should be maintained. I have this picture in all the rooms. -Dr. Bradley Chastant

Elvis Presley struggled with severe acne as a teenager. He grew up to become the biggest star in the world and the greatest entertainer of the 20th century. Since his death in 1977, his home Graceland in Memphis has become the second most visited home in the United States, only second to the White House. In 2022, a new movie is about to be released about his life and career. And in Lafayette, Louisiana Elvis Presley is helping to change the way women look.

Elvis Presley once said, "I wonder if people will remember me when I'm gone?" Movies, music, a top tourist destination, merchandise and an example of perfect lips...Elvis, you will never be forgotten.

Dr. Bradley Chastant, thank you for sharing the story behind Elvis' picture in your examining rooms and for helping the people of Acadiana both young and old feel better about themselves inside and out.

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