With Festival International kicking off in 43 days, Festival Vice-President of Marketing Tucker Sappington visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to invite everyone to participate and to encourage volunteers.  Sappington said,

We're going to have an incredible time.  We've become one of the world's premier free music events.  We're in the running again this year for about.com's best free music festival title.

According to Sappington,

Approximately 100 bands or musical acts will be performing this year.  Some of the bands play more than once on different stages.  Once again this year there will be something for everyone.

Sappington added,

The great thing about Festival International is the fact that you can plan your day or days to move from one stage to the next to see almost everything and for the 27th year the Festival is still free.

Festival International remains a free Francophone music festival with the help of volunteers and the sale of Festival pins.  You can volunteer and buy this year's commemorative pin by visiting the Festival International website.

Listen to the entire interview with Tucker Sappington: