On this week's edition of 'Firearms Friday' we were joined by Chris Ortego substituting for Glenn Fleming.

Usually we start 'Firearms Friday' with a safety tip and this week Chris noted a large number of car burglaries in the area. These burglaries have been interesting in one respect. According to Ortego,

Nothing's really been stolen...Late at night people have going under people's carports and opening the cars if the doors are unlocked. All they are doing is rummaging about. They're leaving behind credit cards, checks and even cash. So it's suspected they're looking for firearms. My suggestion is that you take your firearms out of your vehicle at night and be sure to lock the vehicle.

Even more shocking to Ortego than car burglaries is a law being proposed by California Senator Dianne Feinstein. Ortego said,

She's proposing the 'Pause for Safety Act'. Basically what it says is I feel you are a threat to me I can file basically a restraining order and they can come to your house and confiscate your guns or require you to turn them in...They can also stop you purchasing new ones.

To hear the entire interview with Chris click on the blue arrow below:

Glenn Fleming's new website is: thegunnersvault.com.

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