Everyday activities have become a sort of safe harbor during the coronavirus outbreak and in our house, we've embraced the bath as a way to pass the time. My kids (5 & 6) would take multiple baths a day if we let them. But we had a problem.

Our jetted tub in the master bathroom has been used rarely since we built our house in 2016. It has spent more time as a laundry basket than a bathtub. With two kids, we rarely have the time to waste "marinating" in bubble water. We're lucky to take a shower without interruption.

When the kids wanted to get in the bathtub, my first thought was is it even clean? I filled it up about halfway and turned the jets. What came out were black fibers and what looked like dirt. So I started looking for ways to clean and found a great DIY process. Enter dishwasher powder, bleach and vinegar.

The process worked perfectly! We're looking forward to going to the beach, but for now, the jetted tub is all my mermaids need.

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