On NewsTalk 96.5 KPEL's 'Brand Buzz' this week Jaci Russo discussed 'Google Ad Words'. With more and more people relying on social media for news content Russo suggested to reach those people,

You've got to use one of the search engines. That's where they're spending their time. That's where you need to be putting your adds. There are two ways to get to the top of Google rankings:

  • Organic, make sure your website is built right. You get a lot of frequent updated content. You get a lot of authority because you are referenced and link from a lot of other places. You earn it.
  • The other way is you pay for it. And the way you buy your spot at the top is by buying Google Ad Words. The great thing about it is, it's the safest when it comes to knowing how your money is invested.

When asked if Google Ad Words would be beneficial for small niche businesses Russo responded,

It'll work better for you because this way you can take the small budget you have and invest it well and when you start to make more money with it you can buy radio. It's a lot like a Kickstarter Project.

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