I walked into work this morning and Bernie Lee and Ken Romero, the dynamic duo, posed an odd question to me. The question was, "who out there shares our names?" That got me wondering. Is there another Colby Howell out there? Who is he? What does he look like? Is he as good looking as me? (Impossible) Either way, with the power of social media, the drive of a creeper, and the search capacity of Google, allow me to delve into the deep bowels of the internet in search of...myself?

I'll start with the boss man, our very own Jeremy Lawrence.

The First Result

Well, this is where is at all begins. This version of Jeremy Lawrence has a lot more hair than out KPEL News Junkie counterpart. He also has an IMDb page. Another version of our fellow man is an IT Specialist out of Portland, Oregon. And apparently, in this other world, Jeremy is a Rabbi...

Next on the chopping block is Bernie Lee. Obviously, for search reasons, I will be using her full name. Bernadette Lee.

In Bernie's alternate universe, she is an Oriental woman from Canada who currently works in Trinidad as a Digital Marketing Consultant. On to California where Bernie is another Oriental woman, this time a LAWYER! She also has an IMDb page, but it's not as highly decorated as Jeremy's. Another result that caught my eye was when I came to find out that Bernie is also a Medical Sales Professional and Nurse. She does stay busy.

Up for a good laugh next is Ken Romero.

In this alternate universe, Ken is a Native American Jewelry maker. But the hair still looks wonderful. The first LinkedIn page we found was a handsome looking fellow who is a sales manager for Century Link.  I'll be completely honest, Ken seems to be in a fight with the Native American Ken considering the first two pages are riddled with results between the two men. Maybe they can get together and be Ken Romero Squared.

Who? Oh yeah! Brandon Comeaux. The guy with the glasses right?

Well, this first result is Brandon as a black man from Kaplan. If Brandon could actually look like this gentleman, he must be the life of the party at Halloween. Brandon's LinkedIn page lets us know that he is also in Pharmaceuticals in North Carolina. Brandon's Myspace (yes, it still exists) shows that he is MR.SWAG.

Why not, let's get everyone in on this fun. Nathan Pike, you are up.

Apparently Nathan holds a very nice position of lecturer at the prestigious Oxford University in the UK. Apparently, Nathan Pike happens to be a very popular name in the United Kingdom, as the first page of good results was full of our tea drinking buddies across the oceans. Nathan is a Manchester United fan. He even has a twitter account.

Lastly... Sigh, I guess I'll have to search for myself. Colby Howell, the great, as I'm known.

Well, to start things off, my first alter ego is a woman. On top of that, WAY smarter than me. She is a Human-Computer Interaction Specialist at Northrop Grumman. For those that don't know, that company is one of the largest publicly owned national defense companies in the world. I sing and play piano...  I even went missing once, but luckily turned up.


Well, that's the power of the internet. A name speaks more than one might think. And allow this to be a lesson to everyone that you can be found relatively easily on the internet. Be safe with your information and yourself's. Having a good laugh isn't bad, but you don't want to be the last one laughing.

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