According to Acadia Parish Sheriff K.P. Gibson, they have arrested a tier-three sex offender after he was breaking the law by lying, cheating, and gaming the system.

According to the Sheriff, 39-year-old Brandon L. Brown of Iota was arrested after an investigation in which officials say they found the man was maintaining a social media account even though he is not allowed to do so as a convicted sex offender. Gibson says they take any crime seriously, including situations in which sex offenders are not following the law. It doesn't matter what aspect of the law it is, Gibson says they will follow the letter of the law.

Investigators recovered information about Brown's activity on a social media platform so he was arrested for unlawful use of social media. There is a Sex Offender Registry Unit, and they do constantly track sex offenders to make sure they are in compliance with the law.

Sheriff Gibson tells KPEL Brown was convicted of First-Degree Rape in Missouri. He then came to Louisiana following his release.

Gibson had the following to say about this situation,

Our goal is to assure that sex offenders are following the requirements set forth by the courts to assure the safety of our families. When a sex offender conceals his identity to have access to a social media platform when he is prohibited, is concerning to everyone. Please make sure that all family members, especially children are aware of the dangers of talking with strangers on social media. You never know who you are talking to.

The man was booked into the Acadia Parish Jail, and his bond was set at $15,000. This charge is a felony charge.

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