So often we discuss the best food in Texas or even get specific about the best burger in Texas. It’s always fun to discuss but it’s difficult to identify the best restaurants in Texas because there are so many to choose from, which is not a problem at all. We are fortunate to enjoy a huge variety of foods and environments to choose from here in Texas. But there is one restaurant that stands out big time, it’s adults-only meaning only allowing customers 21+, but this Texas restaurant will make you feel like you’re at the state fair. 

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The restaurant is called Fair to Midland, and it’s advertised as the “Year-Round State Fair.” This one-of-a-kind restaurant lets adults act like kids again with a giant slide to go down, there are lots of games to choose from, plus some of your favorite fair foods and of course adult beverages to wash it all down.  

More Details on Fair to Midland 

As you would probably guess this fun adult hangout is located in Midland, Texas at 1115 Tradewinds Boulevard. I will say one thing I didn’t expect was the numerous complaints about their staff being rude or unfriendly. Let’s hope the owners or management worked to fix that issue immediately. 

Adult-Only Texas Restaurant Looks Like FUN! 

The photos of this place look like it transports people back into their childhood with all of their favorite games. If you’re in the area, you should definitely stop by Fair to Midland, and then let us know what you thought about it. 

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