The weather in Louisiana seems to change about every 15 minutes. Except during the summer months when the forecast never seems to change at all. But through all of those "partly cloudy hot and humid" and " tropical threats," we all will come to develop a certain "relationship" with our "weather guesser". I mean, they have to explain stuff like what you see below in a way that we can understand it, right?

KATC via YouTube
KATC via YouTube

It's not easy to be successful in the world of television meteorology. There is an educational background that is required so that you can discuss forecasts and atmospheric changes with a certain degree of intelligence. Then there is the show business aspect of TV weather too.

White Rapper Dave Baker

A good television weather presenter can make you stick around and watch them tell you that there is a chance of afternoon showers for the 34th day in a row and make you feel good for doing it. I am reminded of the former weather guy at KATC in Lafayette, Dave Baker. Dave retired at the end of 2023 and was always a pleasure to watch and always seemed to know what was going on to keep me safe.

Dave was on my television in Lafayette when I first moved to town in 1995. So, his tenure with me and with Acadiana and South Louisiana was one of several decades. Did you see Dave's retirement video? It's pretty special. 

Iconic Louisiana TV Meteorologist Announces Retirement at End of March

After more than four decades of forecasting and keeping New Orleans and Gulf Coast area residents ahead of the storm WDSU-TV Chief Meteorologist Margaret Orr announced plans to call it a career at the end of March.

That announcement was made by WDSU-TV on Monday. We can't say the announcement was a complete surprise since Orr hinted at her potential retirement plans in an interview last year.

Orr, a Louisiana product enrolled at LSU in 1971. She parlayed her education into radio and television jobs in Waco, Texas. She then followed a love interest to South Carolina where she earned a position as a TV station receptionist with the condition that she be allowed to be an intern in the station's news department.

Margaret Orr's success in South Carolina brought her back to Louisiana where she worked briefly for WBRZ as a reporter and did fill-in slots for the station's weather reports. She left WBRZ for WDSU in New Orleans in 1979 and she has been a fixture with that outlet ever since.

Although I have never met Margaret Orr personally, I have watched her forecasts and tuned into WDSU during hurricanes and severe weather. She is a true professional in every sense of the word as it applies to broadcasting and from what I understand, she's an even better human being. Good luck in retirement Margaret, and thank you for all the sunny days.

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