There is an old joke, okay it's actually a scam, from Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The way it works is like this. An innocent-looking child will walk up to an unsuspecting tourist and say " I bet I can tell you where you got them shoes". The tourist usually takes the bet for a few bucks thinking there is no way an adorable street urchin from the Big Easy is going to know where they purchase the shoes they're wearing.

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But those with Big Easy experience know the bet wasn't "Where did you buy the shoes" it was "I know where you got them shoes" and of course the correct answer is on Bourbon Street. If you don't get the joke or understand the scam, stay away from New Orleans because you'll be taken for your last nickel before someone either shoots you or breaks into your car.

And there is no doubt that somewhere on Bourbon Street you will see at least one pair of finely crafted footwear known as Crocs. Do you recall when you got your first pair of the world's second-ugliest pair of shoes? (Uggs Boots are the ugliest) They weren't invented or put on the market until 2002 and since then Crocs have become popular enough to become unpopular, if you know what I mean.

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Yeah, the quirky-looking feet covers achieved cult status a few years back and so now it's popular to hate them. But for some, the hate is all the more reason to get new ones. And we wonder why other cultures have trouble understanding "the American way".

If you're a fan of Crocs and you have an old pair that has seen better days you can now trade those in for a discount on a new pair and you'll be helping those less fortunate than yourself. Crocs has a program called Old Crocs. New Life. It works like this.

Drop off any pair of old Crocs, regardless of condition at any retail outlet in the United States or you can go online to get a no-cost mail-in kit. In exchange for your old Crocs you'll get a 10% discount on new Crocs and your old shoes will go the Soles4Souls project.

Even if your old Crocs are unwearable you may donate them and get the discount. Unwearable Crocs will be repurposed into other items or recycled into new Crocs. It's a great way to repurpose a product that would probably never rot in a landfill. And with the new styles and designs of Crocs, you can be annoyingly stylish no matter where "you got them shoes".

And if you got "them shoes on Bourbon Street" just remember Crocs have holes in them and that could allow some of the "juice of the French Quarter" to get on your feet. Yeah, I am going with Red Wing Steel-Toes personally.

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