A truly disturbing situation unfolded over the weekend. A fatality occurred after a pedestrian was struck by a moving train which in its self is horrible to hear. Unfortunately, the situation gets worse.

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According to Fox26 when deputies arrived at the scene to assist the railroad police they learned that a man, 27-year-old Resendo Tellez, had removed evidence from the scene of the accident. When the pedestrian was struck by the train it severed his leg and shockingly, Tellez decided to flee with the leg in tow.

It doesn't stop there. A video was circulating online of Tellez eating the victims leg in broad daylight. The whole situation start to finish is terribly sad and disturbing.

The situation unfolded in the Kern County Wasco area in California Friday around 8AM. With video evidence circulating around online it wasn't hard to locate Resendo Tellez and arrest him for tampering with evidence

Tellez faces charges for unlawfully removing human remains and has a court hearing Tuesday of this week to determine if he will face any jail time for his crime.

When we first heard of the incident we thought that this was the first time something like this had happened. It's one thing for someone to be struck and killed by a train, but to have their remains tampered with is truly disturbing. With that being said, according to News18 this is the second incident this year where a pedestrian was struck by a train and then someone removed body parts from the scene.

Warning: the following video is graphic.

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