In a dramatic finish that will be replayed for years to come, the St. Thomas More Cougars pulled off a spectacular comeback to defeat the Lafayette Christian Academy Knights on Friday night (11/3), clinching the District 4-4A Championship in a game that was a rollercoaster of emotion due to big plays and controversy.

The video clip of the final two minutes, now circulating online, captures the essence of this epic encounter. According to KPEL's Brandon Comeaux, STM's quarterback Sam Altman steered his team to an early lead with two rushing touchdowns, but the Knights, undeterred, answered back.

Jalen Noel's 28-yard touchdown run breathed life into the Knights, yet STM pushed the lead further with a field goal.

The Knights surged in the second half, highlighted by Ju'Juan Johnson's arm, launching a 70-yard touchdown pass and adding two more to the tally, narrowing STM's lead to a thread. Then the controversy hits—a series of calls against LCA that fans and commentators will debate long after the final whistle.

The crescendo of the game is captured in the final minutes. Amidst a roar of cheers and jeers, Altman's 19-yard touchdown pass seals the deal. A video, posted to Facebook by Max Perret, shows the tension on the field, the jubilation of STM players, and the disbelief of the Knights as the scoreboard hits 44-40.

With this win, the Cougars not only seize the championship but also secure the top seed in the state playoffs. The clip above doesn't just show a game-winning play; it's a snapshot of the fiery spirit of a rivalry that has been further intensified by this match's ending.

As both teams prepare for the playoffs with a bye, this game will undoubtedly be a focal point of their motivation.

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