State Senator Jonathan Perry says there is plenty of misinformation about the legislation he wants to file to help the Cajun Navy.

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Perry spoke to Bernadette Lee about the fact that volunteers were again turned away from helping to rescue people after the severe flooding in parts of Louisiana.

That is the same thing that happened after Hurricane Katrina.

The Cajun Navy didn't care during Katrina, Rita or with this most devastating flood, and thank God, as they saved so many lives.

Jonathon Perry says he just want legislation that supports the Cajun Navy and volunteers who want to save lives during flooding.

Perry and Bernadette Lee spoke about a lot of "ideas", but NOTHING was set in stone as Perry says he has asked the legal officials at the Louisiana Senate to find out what the current laws are and what can be done to stop any government official from telling a volunteer that they CAN'T do rescues.

Perry has responded to all this misinformation by explaining himself.

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