A former British heavyweight boxing champion has gone viral after video shows him delivering a single knockout punch to a disgruntled patron who was being escorted out of his place of work. Julius Francis once fought the legendary Mike Tyson, so this patron had definitely ran his mouth to the wrong security guard.

Julius Francis and Pele Reid
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Julius Francis is a former British heavyweight champion who once fought the legendary boxer Mike Tyson. These days, Francis works as security at a venue in England - and he takes his job pretty seriously.


Recently, a video went viral of an argument that escalated outside of Francis' workplace. You can see in the video a man wearing a blue headpiece that is clearly disgruntled.

Security from the venue as well as members of the man in the blue headpiece's crew go back and forth as the crew is seemingly escorted from the premises.


As tensions rise, you can see one (very large) security guard calmly moving about the area.  That very large man is Francis, who was not going to allow any of his fellow coworkers or patrons of the business to get hurt.

As the man in the blue headpiece continues to escalate the situation, with some half-hearted punches thrown errantly, Francis moves to the sidewalk to confront him.

Twitter via @MichaelBensonn
Twitter via @MichaelBensonn

But just as the man in the blue headpiece raises a hand towards Francis, the former heavyweight delivers one punch that sends the man to the ground unconscious.

Former Heavyweight Champion Delivers Knockout Punch to Angry Patron

See the video for yourself via @MichaelBensonn on Twitter below.

As you can see, Francis kept his cool throughout the entire ordeal. Even after the man was knocked out and his crew went to confront the venue's security again, Francis seemed cool as a cucumber.

But, of course, Francis kept his cool - he has gone toe-to-toe with one of the world's most legendary boxers.

Of course, the internet's reactions to the clip have been all-over the place.

Of course, if you are ever asked to leave a venue for whatever reason - be sure to check out the size of the security guards before you decide to run your mouth.

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