Each weekday at Vermilionville there is a very nice buffet at La Cuisine De Maman.  On Friday's the buffet is even better because they have delicious catfish, scrumptious onion rings and gumbo that will make your stomach happy!

I had a chance to check out the buffet this year as part of Eat Lafayette's campaign to promote the wonderful cuisine of our area, and as usual, they had a wonderful array of food, great service and friendly conversation.  My friend, Debbie Ray, and I were treated to a festive lunch.  We met with Food and Beverage Director Linda Fontenot, who as always, was kind, gracious and let it be known that we should eat as much as we possibly could.  So we took her up on the challenge.

They presented us with delicious entrees that included the fish, the gumbo, shrimp creole and crawfish creole.  As if that wasn't enough, they gave us one of the best tasting bread puddings that you can imagine.

Click below to see all of the great bounty of food available on the buffet:

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La Cuisine De Maman is located on the grounds of Vermilionville at 300 Fisher Road.  You can call them at 205-9899