The Lafayette Parish School System has announced its current policy when it comes to kids wearing hoodies and sweatshirts on campus.

Simply put, students are NOT allowed to wear them on campuses in Lafayette Parish. According to the student handbook, "No hoodies or hoods are allowed on sweatshirts, sweaters, pull-overs, jackets, coats, or any outwear."

The parish notes in the student handbook:

In accordance with La. R.S. 17:416.7, the Lafayette Parish School Board has adopted a standard code of dress as described below.

The guidelines set forth are designed to:
• Promote school safety
• Minimize distractions and disruptions based on personal appearance, grooming, hygiene, and attire
• Prevent clothing, jewelry and general appearance that constitute a health or safety hazard
• Prevent clothing styles that are suggestive, indecent or inappropriately fitted
• Foster an attitude of respect for authority, improve morale and prepare students to enter a work force that often has rules regarding dress, conduct and appearance

So what happens when the temperature drops to near-freezing in Lafayette Parish?

According to the student handbook, "For cold weather, lower than 38 degrees, please check the LPSS Website Homepage at"


Schools have given parents the option to purchase long sleeve shirts for kids, but will that be enough to keep kids warm in the winter months?

That is the question some parents are asking in Lafayette Parish, but it does sound like that the parish will alter the rules or regulations on winter attire when needed.

We hope all of you have a great school year, and please stay safe.

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