Since 1955 LAGCOE (The Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition) has brought world-wide recognition to Lafayette.  Today Claire Thom and Steve Mayley of LAGCOE visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie'  to discuss this year's event to be held in October.  According to Mayley,

LAGCOE is a community effort with attendees from CEO's to roustabouts and everybody in between.  LAGCOE is really a community effort with our goal being to promote Lafayette and the Acadiana area.  LAGCOE has been a part of Acadiana for nearly 60 years and the event has a direct impact of $10.5 million in the Lafayette area.

Thom said,

We honor the traditions and take seriously our job of moving forward.  We have a "New Professionals of LAGCOE Group" dedicated to bringing in the next generation to revitalize the industry.  They've taken on the important task of fund-raising for the LAGCOE Education Fund which we've just set up to address work-force shortages.

Online registration and more information on LAGCOE can be found at their website.

Listen to the interview:

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