Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory, along with the mayors of other Lafayette Parish municipalities, is urging Governor John Bel Edwards for flexibility in reopening the economy. Edwards has said in recent days that a parish-by-parish re-opening was not in his plans and that the state would likely enter phase one of a federal re-opening plan on May 1st.

The letter was signed by Guillory, Ray Bourque of Broussard, Glenn Brasseaux of Carencro, Jan-Scott Richard of Scott, Ken Ritter of Youngsville, and Johnny Thibodeaux of Duson. It asked for more parish control in the way Lafayette Parish gets back to 'normal' post-COVID-19.

April 23, 2020

Governor John Bel Edwards
Louisiana State Capitol
900 North 3rd Street #4
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Dear Governor Edwards,

On behalf of myself and my fellow Mayors here in Lafayette Parish, we thank you for your
leadership and hard work on behalf of the State of Louisiana during the COVID-19 public health

Your diligence and commitment to keep our people safe and healthy is deeply and sincerely
appreciated. Also, thank you for your supportive comments regarding the “Safe Shop” policy
we have implemented for businesses subject to your Emergency Declaration JBE 2020 41, 2(c).
Your encouragement of our local efforts to safely reopen these businesses means a great deal
to me, my fellow Mayors and our people here in Lafayette Parish. We understand that you are
grappling with very difficult issues as you determine what Louisiana’s next steps should be in
this public health and economic emergency.

We are writing to request that you please consider implementing a policy that takes into
account the differences in the situation facing parishes across the state.
Here in Lafayette Parish, we are deeply fortunate that we are enjoying a high level of support
and compliance from our citizens and local businesses. Thus far, our parish has escaped many
of the most troubling impacts of this virus.

If there is any way for you to issue declarations going forward that allow for flexibility in the
local response in parishes like ours, we would sincerely appreciate it.
We are prepared to undertake the responsibility of ensuring that the reopening of our local
economy takes place in a thoughtful and safe manner.

Thank you again for all that you are doing for our state and our people during this
unprecedented public health emergency.

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