Member of the Los Angeles Lakers, Andre Drummond, shared a scary moment to social media. Drummond had to jump in a pool to save his young son after he accidentally fell in the water. The video shows the NBA player springing into action.

Twitter via @AndreDrummond
Twitter via @AndreDrummond

Parents number one priority is the safety of their children. While I am not a Father, I do know that parental instincts are real. This video proves it.


Center for the Los Angeles Lakers, Andre Drummond, and his family were enjoying a nice day by the pool. Everything was seemingly perfect until something pretty scary happened.


Drummond's young son fell into the deep-end of the pool and began sinking underwater. This is when the 6 foot 10 inch NBA center leaped into action.


Before his son sank any further, Drummond was in the pool pulling him to safety. Family nearby assisted in getting the boy out of the water and, thankfully, he wasn't injured.

Video of Andre Drummond Saving Son From Drowning

Now, check out the full video of the moment Drummond sprung into action via @AndreDrummond on Twitter below.

As Drummond described the moment in his post, this is a parent's worst nightmare.

While the video seems to be a pretty heroic move by Drummond, social media found some issues with the incident.

Many were upset with the way the other's around the pool reacted in the moment the boy fell into the water. Other's recognized that accidents happen.

Overall, Drummond is definitely wins the Parent of the Year award here. People find a way to complain and nit-pick everything on the internet. The most important part of this story is that Drummond's son was safe and all smiles after taking a quick dip.

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