The 16-day partial government shutdown came to an end early Thursday morning when President Obama signed into law a compromise passed by both the House and Senate.

The compromise allows the federal government to avoid the potential default many feared would occur if the shutdown was not ended. The reopening of government also means thousands of furloughed or out-of-work federally employed Americans will be paid and allowed to return to business as usual.

Here's how Louisiana legislators voted on the law:

Mary Landrieu: (D-LA), Yes

David Vitter: (R-LA), Nay

Steve Scalise (R-LA 1st District) - No

Cedric Richmond (D-LA 2nd District) — Yes

Charles Boustany (R-LA 3rd District) - Yes

John Fleming (R-LA 4th District) - No

Bill Cassidy (R-LA 6th District) - No

The Senate vote passed with 81 Yeas, 18 Nays, and 1 abstain.

The law passed in the House with a 285-144 vote. Only 87 of the 231 House Republicans voted 'yes' on the law. No House Democrats voted 'no'.

Three House Representatives abstained from voting.


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