There is a bill working its way through the legislative process right now, that if it receives final passage and is signed by the governor, it would give sheriffs in Louisiana a bump in their pay.  There is a catch though.  In order to get the increase in salary, sheriffs would have to earn it with a little schooling.

State Senator J.P. Morrell of New Orleans has a bill that would make sheriffs from across the state attend an "executive management institute". The goal of the program, according to Morrell's bill, would be to get them to learn management skills.  It's not a one-time event either.  The bill would also require every sheriff to continue with training on a yearly basis.

The proposed piece of legislation, if passed, would allow a sheriff to get a pay raise if they complete their training, and only if legislators also have given their nod to a salary increase for district court judges.

The Louisiana House of Representatives has given their approval of the measure after voting 91- to 1.  Representative Jeff Arnold, in working for the bill's passage in the House, says he believes this bill allows for the first statewide training for sheriffs here in the state.  The next step is for the measure to move to the full Senate for their discussion, and if they approve the measure, then it would move on to Governor Bobby Jindal's office for his approval.