Country star Luke Bryan loves sports. We have that on good authority.

As a Georgia native, Luke pulls for a lot of the popular teams there from the Georgia Bulldogs to the Atlanta Braves and Falcons.

He's a busy man. He probably doesn't have the time to keep up with many other teams. (Yeah, we'll go with that.)

Luke illustrated that fact recently on American Idol where he sits as one of the three judges alongside Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

You can see what we're talking about in the video below posted by Patrick Judice, who works for Ragin' Cajuns Sports Properties.

In case you had trouble hearing Luke in the clip, the first contestant in the video plays football for Louisiana Tech and after hearing that, Mr. Bryan jumps in with, "So La Tech is Ragin' Cajuns?" The young man proceeded to shoot Luke a pair of confused, stanky eyes.

The next contestant is a student at UL-Monroe. We know them as the Warhawks. Luke guessed differently. After Katy Perry announced the young lady as "Miss Louisiana Monroe," Luke jumped in with a "Ragin' Cajuns baby."

"No, it's the Warhawks," replied the contestant, as she gave some type of beaver claw hand signal. (We guess they do that up at ULM??)

It was at that point that Luke kind of gave up. "People of Louisiana, I will not try to reference any of your sports teams' mascots. Obviously, I just like saying Ragin' Cajuns! Ragin' Cajuns! Shake and bake! Shake and bake! Ragin' Cajuns!" said a flabbergasted Bryan.

Now that's just funny right there.

Luke likely knows who the LSU Tigers are and after that, every university in the state might as well be the Ragin' Cajuns, baby! And we're cool with that. Geaux Cajuns!

Oh, Luke Bryan is bringing his Raised Up Right Tour to the Cajundome on Friday, August 26, 2022. We'll remind him that this is where the real Ragin' Cajuns reside.

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