UPDATE:  Laine Hardy has been arrested on Friday, April 29, on a felony charge of intercepting communications. Allegedly, Laine left the device in a female's apartment to monitor conversations. Story developing.

The information about American Idol singer Laine Hardy's imminent arrest continues to flow in this morning.

According to WAFB, there is information that a device of some sort was left in a female's apartment.

The LSU Police Department is expected to make an arrest in connection with this ongoing case.

This whole situation regarding this story began after Hardy made a post about the incident on social media.

In the post, Hardy mentions a warrant out for his arrest but doesn't go into specific details.

According to another media source, the allegations are that he left a listening device in this woman's apartment.

Laine Hardy was the winner of American Idol season 17. He is from French Settlement, Louisiana.

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