When a Louisiana Department of Health report on nursing homes was published last week, the public got its first look at the extent at which patients at these facilities were affected. In St. Landry Parish, where COVID-19 infection rates were higher than neighboring parishes, one nursing home stands out on the list.

J. Michael Morrow Memorial Nursing Home in Arnaudville had the most deaths at any one facility in the state of Louisiana. Of the facility’s 147 residents, just under half of them (68) were infected. Half of those infected died from the illness according to numbers released on May 18.

PBS News Hour did a story on why these types of facilities are so susceptible to the spread of the infection all over the world. You can watch the in-depth report below.

J. Michael Morrow Memorial Nursing Home St. Landry

Total Residents:


COVID-19 Positive Patients:


COVID-19 Patient Deaths:


COVID-19 Positive Staff


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