The Louisiana Department of Health has issued its daily update for Wednesday, May 20th.

There are now 35,316 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Louisiana. That number is up 278 since yesterday.

Numbers show that there are 931 reported COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized - 73 fewer than yesterday.

110 patients are on ventilators across the state. That is 2 fewer than yesterday.

The total number of deaths reported due to the coronavirus is now at 2,485 an increase of 27 since yesterday.

As of today, 26,249 COVID-19 patients are presumed to have recovered. That's 3,641 more recovered patients since last week.

The total number of coronavirus cases in the Acadiana region is 2,133 (up 7 cases since yesterday) with 177 deaths reported (1 new death reported).

Lafayette Parish: 607 cases, 23 deaths

(Up 2 cases with zero new deaths reported since yesterday.)

Iberia Parish: 359 cases, 35 deaths

(1 new case with no more deaths reported since yesterday.)

St. Martin Parish: 275 cases, 22 deaths

(No new cases and no new deaths since yesterday.)

St. Mary Parish: 281 cases, 29 deaths

(4 new cases, no new deaths reported since yesterday.)

St. Landry Parish: 237 cases, 52 deaths

(No new cases with 1 new death reported since yesterday)

Acadia Parish: 262 cases, 12 deaths

(No new cases, no new deaths since yesterday.)

Evangeline Parish: 67 cases, 1 death

(No new cases since yesterday, no new deaths since yesterday.)

Vermilion Parish: 45 cases, 3 deaths

(No new cases since yesterday, No new deaths since yesterday)

The numbers are updated and released every day at noon.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic: