Governor John Bel Edwards announced his re-election in a video released on Tuesday.

In the video BELOW, Governor Edwards highlighted 4 areas where he says his Administration "achieved historic progress:"

  • Stabilized Louisiana's budget
  • Cut the uninsured rate in half
  • $600 Million in tax cuts in 2018
  • 30,000 new jobs

Moon Griffon calls these claims by Governor Edwards "lies."

"The hypocrisy of John Bel Edwards needs to be challenged every chance we get," says Moon. And, I plan on doing it because he says so many whoppers."

So far, Edwards has 2 announced challengers - U.S. Congressman Ralph Abraham and businessman Eddie Rispone, both Republicans.

WATCH Moon's response BY CLICKING ON THE FIRST VIDEO BELOW. Gov. Edwards' re-election announcement is contained in the SECOND VIDEO.