LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - One of Louisiana's favorite fast food restaurants is adding a delicious new sandwich to its menu for the summer, fueling the already rabid fan base.

Chick-fil-A, which is known for its iconic chicken sandwiches and those incredibly long drive-thru lines that never seem to get shorter, is going to be adding a new deluxe sandwich, starting June 10. That sandwich will add some smoky, spicy, and sweet flavors to the already popular sandwiches the store sells.

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Called a "Maple Pepper Bacon Sandwich," Chick-fil-A previously ran a limited-run of the sandwich is a few markets, but according to food influencer @markie_devo, it's coming to stores nationwide.

"It is made with our lemon-herb marinated boneless chicken breast and grilled for a juicy backyard-smoky taste," the company writes on its website. "It’s accompanied by Pepper Jack cheese, green leaf lettuce and bacon, hand-tossed in a brown sugar and pepper blend. Topped with sweet & spicy pickle chips, the ingredients are all sandwiched between two maple flavored brioche buns."

It's not the only new item coming to Chick-fil-A's across Louisiana and the rest of the country, however. According to the social media post above, the restaurant's seasonal peach milkshake is also expected to make a return.

It's been just under a year since the restaurant introduced its last smashing success of a seasonal sandwich, the Honey Pepper Pimento Chicken Sandwich. It had a limited run marked by rave reviews online and a lot of new fans of the franchise.

The Perfect Chicken Sandwich?

Chick-Fil-A has a very devoted fan base, and for the longest time many considered its signature menu item the "perfect chicken sandwich." It was simple and well-made, and it's a restaurant chain known for its quality and service. That's made it extremely popular.

But the famed "chicken sandwich wars" that began in 2019 fundamentally changed the landscape of the fast food industry. Popeye's released its chicken sandwich, which exploded in popularity and put the chicken sandwich as a menu item back in the spotlight. Other restaurants followed suit.

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Chick-Fil-A, however, remained relatively unchanged. It did re-introduce the spicy version of its sandwich last year, but the Honey Pepper Pimento Chicken is the first major change the iconic sandwich has seen.

And, despite the explosion in the Popeye's sandwich's popularity from the jump, Chick-Fil-A remains the No. 3 restaurant chain by sales in the U.S., only being beaten out by McDonald's and Starbucks.

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