Uranus definitely got the short end of the stick when it came time to name the planets. It's no Mars or Jupiter, which sound exotic. The fact that it's ready-made for an X-rated punchline makes it what it is. Just ask this hard-hitting journalist.

This anchor with Canada's CKPG responded to a report about growing food on the International Space Station with this zinger about Uranus.

Lame? Of course. Did you laugh or at least smile? Of course. You can't not make that joke. It's just hanging there for the taking.

It could've been worse. His colleagues could've lost their cool like this guy, but they ran with it, instead, proving once again that Canada is filled with people who are too gosh darned nice.

Make sure to add this to your, fella. When the big boys in Toronto come calling you're gonna want them to see this.