This week on "Wingin' It Wednesday", panelist Carol Ross and Mike Stagg joined "Nathan and Bernie in the Morning" to discuss the federal court's decision to strike down some subsidies in healthcare reform as well as an idea to relieve some traffic stress on Ambassador.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1. In a big blow to the Obama administration, a federal court is striking down some subsidies in the healthcare reform law.  A 2-1 ruling from the DC Court of Appeals rejected insurance subsidies for coverage on federally-run health insurance exchanges.  The ruling says the subsidies can only be paid through state-run exchanges.

Mike Stagg started us off:

There’s been conservative effort to attack this law the whole time when it was just in legislation. The most troubling thing for me is people take such relish out of trying to deny affordable healthcare coverage to the 8 million Americans who signed up for healthcare in the first year.
If you like the death spiral the healthcare system was in in 2008, you’ll love what would be the result if the exchanges are ruled to only be applicable to those states who took part in the creation of the exchanges themselves.

Carol Ross posited:

If it’s so affordable why do we have subsidies all over the place. That kind of undercuts that whole concept. The law was written clearly that only the states that setup the exchanges would be eligible for the subsidies. Only 14 states have setup the exchanges because they recognize this is another one of those government scams. This law is so destructive.
We need real healthcare reform that helps real people.


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2. There is an idea to extend South City Parkway through a relatively undeveloped area in south Lafayette, running from Robley Drive across the Vermilion River to Verot School Road. It’s an idea that’s been attracting more attention in recent months. Your thoughts?

Carol started us off:

This is what they should be doing - planning for the future. Really, this is the height of irony to see these people talking about relieving traffic on Ambassador when they’re going to be dumping new retail on Ambassador not a block away from where the traffic congestion is, and then give away taxes for it. I guess the irony is lost on these people.
I do agree with the plan to let people know where the roadway is projected. We need connectivity; there’s no question about it.

Mike concluded:

There’s been a bridge on the drawing boards for South College for 25 or 30 years. This can join the list. It took 30 years to build a bridge at Camellia Boulevard. This road is not coming anytime soon.
It’s absolute lunacy to be trapped with all this traffic and then cut yourself off from the resources that could address it by giving away tax revenue. Giving away money that would give you the means to do something about it.

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