The whole world knows about Bourbon Street, Tabasco, and Mardi Gras, but whether you've lived in Louisiana your entire life, moved away and come back only for holidays, or you're just here for a weekend, there are some really fun 'off the beaten path' spots and experiences that you can only have in Louisiana!

  • JayCee via facebook

    Have a Bloody Mary at Frank's Lounge

    Frank's Lounge in Des Allemands, is the traditional stop for folks headed to New Orleans from points West. If you're headed to New Orleans from Lafayette, especially if you're going for a Saints game or a 'girls weekend,' AND you have a designated driver, it's a tradition to stop at Frank's for a Bloody Mary.

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    Ride the Ferry Across the Mississippi River

    Pedestrians are welcome on NOLA's Canal Street/Algiers ferry. If you walk down to the deck the cars are on, you're literally inches from the beautiful, powerful Mississippi River.

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    Watch the Sun Set at Cypremort Point or Grand Isle

    If you spend a little time talking to locals, it won't take long to wrangle an invitation to somebody's camp at one of the waterfront destinations on the Gulf of Mexico. If you don't get invited, there are state parks at both Cypremort Point, which is south of New Iberia, or Grand Isle, south of New Orleans.

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    Ride the Flying Horses

    Don't ask for directions by asking how to get to the carousel; nobody will know what you're talking about. If you say, "We want to ride the flying horses," you will be told the best route to New Orleans' City Park.

  • freds lounge by Moose McDaniel via facebook

    Saturday Fais Do Do at Fred's in Mamou

    Sure you can get a drink on Bourbon Street any hour of the day, but if you want an authentic Cajun Louisiana experience, head to Mamou. Fred's is THE place to meet locals (and usually a few visitors from all over the world), dance to a live band, and get a cold beer or mixed drink. But only on Saturdays mornings. Yes, they are open with live music and a full bar - but only one day a week.