Stephen Campbell, the commissioner of the Office of Motor Vehicles, says there are processes being put in place at all 82 DMV offices statewide that would improve efficiency "to help reduce the wait times directed at how our employees' work and some of the scheduling times and things like that...we're always looking to improve that."

Campell says he's heard that at some DMV locations, particularly in the New Orleans area following Hurricane Katrina, people have been waiting two or three hours just to have changes made to their drivers license. He says one way they are working to improve efficiency is by staggering employee lunch breaks:

They are Motor Vehicle employees but everybody is due a lunch break  We're working at better scheduling that and utilizing our staff during peak times.


Campbell says another way to cut down wait time at the offices is to encourage more people to take care of their basic OMV services online:

If we got more people to take advantage of that and not realize that they have to go into the facility itself, they can do a lot of those transactions on a computer that will greatly reduce that. We're working on streamlining that website.


Campbell says the website is

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