The numbers are out regarding casino revenue in the month of May and the grand total is $70 million.  While that’s down from the nearly $218 million at the same time last year, Casino Association of Louisiana executive director Wade Duty says the numbers are a positive indicator for the state’s gaming industry, considering all of the hurdles they faced.

“It wasn’t a full month, a lot of people are unaware that we are still open, and people will become a little more confident as long as the new cases of virus and all that continue on the downward trend,” said Duty.

Casinos partially reopened in mid-May and revenues are down only 13% compared to the same two weeks last year.  Duty says returning players have been very cooperative with spread mitigation efforts.

“Players expectations are, and we make no secret about it, we are going to do temperature checks, hand sanitization, aggressive cleaning schedules, and all of that so it is working within their expectations,” said Duty.

Overall, the feeling is the turnout is better than expected, but Duty feels a clearer picture of the pandemic’s impact on the industry will be revealed with June numbers.

“Will June reveal that we are on an increasing track for revenue or was May a one-time spike and people are still a little cautious about getting out,” said Duty.

June’s numbers will also reflect the reopening of New Orleans casinos which did not see an opening during May.

(Story written by Kevin Barnhart/Louisiana Radio Network)

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