The resolution to revamp the Lafayette Consolidated Government's 22-year-old charter is moving on to further consideration and a possible susbsequent place on Lafayette Parish ballots in December.

Voting to introduce the ordinance--in effect putting the item on the LCG's July 24 meeting agenda--were: Bruce Conque, Jay Castille, Kenneth Boudreaux, Nanette Cook, Liz Hebert

Opposed to the deconsolidation plan were: William Theriot, Patrick Lewis, and Jared Bellard.

Kevin Naquin was absent.

Kenneth Boudreaux, Jay Castille  Bruce Conque --what Boudreaux called a liaison team--were the members who brought the plan before the council.

Castille explained the ordinance would create two separate 5-member councils--one for the city and one for the parish. It has been explained that there wTheriot ould be no change to the duties or title of Lafayette's Mayor-President Joel Robideaux.

Theriot questioned Ropbideaux "as the parish leader" on his opinion on the proposal. Robideaux said he needs more time to analyze the ordinance. To Theriot's chagrin, Robideaux offered no opinion.

Most of the council members offered their opinions on the plan.

Patrick Lewis said he wants to wait until the 2020 census to get an accurate population count for the efforts of demographic mapping. He said he wants to get more public input. Lewis said he did not see the proposed map until last Thursday.

" I need more to explain to my constituents what this means," Lewis said. "I cant support it because I cannot answer questions  constituents need to know."

All of the members of the audience--except one--former council m

Bellard said he felt disrespected by the council members by not being included in drawing up the resolution. Castille later apologized to Bellard for his exclusion Castille said it was an oversight.

Xonversations got heated in an exchange between Castille and Theriot. Castille fired back at Theriot's supposed accusations of back-door dealings to get the re-districting map, and the resolution, completed.  The two veteran public officials did agree on one thing--they agreed neither of them would include the other in planning purposes because as Castille told Theriot said,"because of your negative attitude."

Theriot offered to defer the resolution for at least two months seconded by Bellard. The deferral was voted down.

"We're a council of 9 individuals every 1 have he right to be opinionated. What thre heck what we need a council for if we all agreed on the same thing."

The resolution could be presented t the polls in March 2019 if it does not make it on the December ballot.

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