The need for blood and blood products is high right now and that need will only grow as more businesses open and travel resumes. Mitzi Breaux from Vitalant in Lafayette says her company is actively seeking out new donors to fulfill so many different needs.

Vitalant is also looking for 'convalescent' donors whose plasma can be used to treat patients with severe symptoms related to COVID-19. Convalescent donors are those people who tested positive, but whose symptoms have subsided with no fever for 14 days. If you are one of those people, your plasma is needed. A website has been set up with additional information and a place to register to be one of those donors.

There are precautions in place if you're planning to donate at the Vitalant donation center in Lafayette. Temperature screening is being done outside the door and face masks are being worn. You can listen to our full interview below.

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