Tomorrow almost everyone in Acadiana will take a day away from work to sit down with family and friends and share an attitude of gratitude. That means some vital services throughout Acadiana will be curtailed because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Republic Services, the waste service provider for Lafayette, has announced changes in their normal waste recovery routes so that their employees might celebrate Thanksgiving at home. Basically, the changes are a one day shift from the normal schedule.

That means if you normally have your garbage picked up on Thursday, you will simply place your smart cart (that's the fancy name for your rolling garbage can) at the curb for pickup on Friday. Friday customers, you will receive your services on Saturday.

Now, Republic Services is quite mindful that holidays mean extra trash, so if you do have "extra garbage" you can place it beside your smart cart. It does need to be bagged and it should not weigh more than 35  pounds.

Oh, here is a tip from our friends at Republic Services, make sure you leave adequate room between your smart carts. The mechanized system Republic Services uses on their trucks requires about three or four feet of space between carts to operate. So, you'd be doing our "garbage guys and gals" a big favor by leaving that gap.

And if you do have extra bagged garbage, make sure that is placed at least three feet away from your smart cart too. By the way, the regular service schedule will resume on Monday.

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