If you have yet to submit an application for flooding of a home--or business-- due to the 20-16 floods, there is still time, and several ways to do so.

Nick Speyer with the state's Homeowner Assistance Program and LaSonta Davenport, with the Restore Small Business Program, were both guests on The Ross Report Thursday afternoon.

Following the devastating floods, the federal government and the state pooled funds to aid in recovery for home and business owners throughout the state.

Your first step is to fill out a survey at RestoreLA.gov to see where you qualify for assistance.

For those who would prefer a one-on-one interaction, the Homeowner Assistance Program has a satellite office in Acadiana located at 151 Southpark Drive in Broussard. For more assistance from that office, you can call (337) 252-4082.

Click the link above to listen in to details of each program and how you may benefit.

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