Robie's Food Center in Abbeville, according to a post on social media, is being sold.

A post on the store's official Facebook page is asking customers to use up any gift cards they may have purchased prior to the sale.

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Reaction on social media has been mixed, but the main theme is people hoping that the new owners don't change anything about the store, especially the recipes.

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If you've never been to Robie's for their Sunday plate lunch, you are not living right. Their fried chicken, rice dressing, red beans, fried catfish - all of it - is really some of the best in Acadiana. The fresh sausage made at Robies is what I grew up on, as my mom used it in everything from a red gravy to a gumbo. It really is good.

The new owners, according to the gossip on Facebook, are the same owners of Champagne's in Erath.

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Robies Food Center first opened in Abbeville in 1953 (according to its website). The building that first housed Robie's still stands, and it is right next door to the current location. The original owners, (the late) Robert (Robie) and Joyce Russo can be proud of their accomplishment(s), as the store is still going strong, thanks to their sons Bobby and Jim.

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One thing I remember most about Robie's store is that there were always friendly employees who knew every inch of that store. As a kid, mom would send me there to pick something up that she needed for whatever she was cooking/baking, and sometimes employees were quicker to find than the item she needed (okay, maybe I was too lazy to look long enough to find it!).

Thanks to the Russo Family of Abbeville for being a great neighbor for almost 70 years. Not only did they provide a clean, well-stocked store that features an incredibly delicious deli, they also provided a steady income to residents of Abbeville who worked there, including high school kids making their weekend money. Also, the Russo Family, through Robie's, supported local sports teams and other youth organizations by sponsoring the teams, donating items for auctions/bake sales, etc., and buying ads in yearbooks, ball fields, programs, and church bulletins. The Russo Family (and Robie's Family) gave back to the community that helped them become so successful. A true "win-win" situation!

As for the new owners: I don't know them personally, but I've shopped at Champagne's in Erath many times, and I found it to be a similar experience: nice, friendly, knowledgeable employees, and happy customers. I am guessing that not much about Robie's will change other than the name.

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