The Lafayette Parish Central Office staff is working with Northside High to enhance security on campus and to provide a greater law enforcement presence at sporting events. Among the planned enhancements are 20 new high definition security cameras suitable for both day and night recording. There will also be 4 new security light assemblies added for increased parking lot visibility. The cost to the district for the cameras and lights will be $26,236.60. In addition, there will be a minimum of 12
officers at school for every football game. The district will furnish 4 of the officers and Northside will furnish the other 8. The district is also helping to provide officers at basketball and volleyball games. The number of officers will be determined by attendance and other relevant factors. City Police have also indicated that in addition to the increase in police presence at sporting events that they would also increase visibility of police cruisers and additional audio-visual technology in close proximity to campus. The additional allotment of officers will also be put into place at the other high schools in Lafayette Parish to address heightened concerns over security.

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