Louisiana crossed the 1,000 death mark today as healthcare workers on the frontlines battle COVID-19. It's the latest news in the heartbreaking Coronavirus outbreak. Senator John Kennedy has been responding to the crisis and providing hope to his constituents that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He has also been helping small businesses through the SBA loan process. Kennedy joined Acadiana's Morning News. The interview happened before the latest numbers were released.

In a statement, Governor John Bel Edwards address the spike and reminded the state that numbers do not necessarily represent deaths in the last 24 hours.

Today’s death count is the largest we have reported in a single day since this COVID-19 outbreak started and it brings the number of Louisianans we have lost to more than 1,000. That’s 1,013 people who are someone’s mother, father, sister, or brother or child or aunt or uncle. They are our neighbors, friends and coworkers. They are more than just a number on a report or graph, and as our fellow Louisianans, we all grieve alongside their families.

Our analysis shows that most deaths come 11.2 days after the onset of symptoms, which is why we must look at long-term data and trends. It is also why it is incumbent upon our people to follow the Stay at Home order, because just as the positive things we do now will save lives in the future, the negative things we do could threaten lives as well.

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