Is no one minding the store?  How in this day and age does a registered sex offender live in the same home as a registered daycare center, and authorities don't know about it.  What about all this marvelous technology we have in America?  Fox Affiliate WFXT says Luray Richardson lives in Winchendon, Massachusetts, and he is a registered sex offender in Florida.

Richardson was convicted in 1998 in Massachusetts of indecent assault and battery on a child.  The Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board website, according to the station, has no record of him, but he owns a home at the same address where J & L Daycare and Preschool is registered with the Secretary of State's Office.

Thank goodness someone decided to bring this to the attention of authorities.  They are now trying to figure out many things, like is someone running an unlicensced daycare center from this home? who is doing it?  How did any of this escape the authorities?  Why is someone not doing home visits to a registered sex offeder?

I just don't understand why in this world of technology, that we can't keep better track of sex offenders, but I am sure there are ways to "game" any system.  The more technology that law enforcement gets, then those who are planning to break the law, learn ways to get around it.  But, still how can you not know there is the chance that a daycare center and a sex offeder could be housed in the same home.  We need to give law enforcement more resources to tackle these kinds of issues.  We have to protect our children.