During the coronavirus pandemic, the federal government has sent out relief money to many businesses and families. But, even as many people are still waiting for their stimulus money, the President and legislators are still talking about other ways to get relief to people.

One group that is on people's minds - coronavirus health workers. They are the people on the front lines of this pandemic, putting their lives at risk everyday as they fight to contain, treat, and ultimately stop COVID-19. My brother transports patients at a local hospital and puts himself at risk every time he goes in for a shift. Words can't express how appreciative I am to all of these health workers, including doctors, nurses, patient transporters and others who are exposed to the coronavirus.

This group is also on the mind of New York Representative Carolyn Maloney, who has proposed a bill that would forgive the student debt loans of these workers.

"We own more than thanks and cheers at 7 p.m.," Rep. Maloney was quoted as saying in this CBS News article. "We have an obligation to ensure men and women are relieved of the debt they incurred to train for this critical work."

Do you agree with this sentiment? Should the federal government forgive them of their loans because of the seriousness of the work that they are doing in this critical time? Or, do you look at this as workers doing what they are paid to do?

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